Corporate Services

"Each program is designed to
maximize individual performance,
and can be customized to
meet organizational goals."
– Michele Phillips

Key Performance offers a suite of ready-made programs. We are adroit enough to develop unique programs based on your company’s needs and goals.


These are not your typical corporate seminars. Our passion, humor and enthusiasm combine with high content messages that increase workplace satisfaction and job performance. Topics include:

  • Leadership Wellness – A leader’s well-being is directly related to their engagement, enthusiasm and performance. In this 2-day session participants are taught how to strengthen and align their energy mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally to maximize their output, increase their energy levels and feel fulfillment from their everyday activities. When your leaders are healthy and happy they make better decisions, produce fresh ideas, adapt well to change.
  • Time Keeper – In this one-day seminar participants will learn how to achieve maximum productivity, ensure that important tasks do not fall through the cracks, and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Conflict Resolution – This workshop uses the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument to help participants discover how the ways they handle conflict—their conflict styles—affect performance.
  • Discovering Emotional Intelligence – In this workshop participants will master the skills proven to directly improve job performance and learn about the new techniques that have been guaranteed to improve business results.
  • High Impact Communication – Through lively discussions, interactive exercises, individual skill assessments and dramatic role-plays, participants experience first-hand the benefits of strong communication skills.
  • Gaining the Competitive Edge – This workshop teaches the skills to represent your company in today’s competitive environment by understanding that how employees feel is how your customers feel.
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – In order for a team to produce results and work effectively there must be trust, accountability, and commitment from its members. In this workshop participants will  be asked to read The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni and take the online team assessment.
  • Confident Presentations – Confident Presentations is an interactive workshop that will provide techniques on how to give an award winning presentation.
  • Diversity & Inclusion – This workshop will change the way employees think, react and relate to one another. The more diversity of personnel on any given task, the better the final product will be, if differences are respected, authenticated, and integrated; and communication remains open.
  • Shackelton Leading Teams In Challenging Times – This intense workshop teaches your employees how to lead with optimism through challenging times – all through the dynamic prism of one of the greatest leaders of all time.
  • Strategies of Stress Resistant People – Why are some people able to withstand the debilitating effects of stress far better than others? Participants will discover your own stress level by answering questions on the “Stress-O-Meter,” and then study the strategies that stress-resistant people practice.
  • Achievement Through Action – For a business to create and sustain success in the new knowledge economy it must employ people who are confident, creative, and highly motivated. Only companies that encourage their employees to grow and unlock their potential will be able to meet the unique challenges of the new millennium.
  • Sales 101 – This needs-focused sales curriculum is designed to help organizations develop more professional sales teams, strengthen client relationships, and decrease the high cost of turnover.

Teambuilding Events

A group experience in teamwork developed to introduce the critical elements of successful synergy. This experience requires participants to get involved while working together to solve problems, make decisions and develop listening skills.

  • You’ll learn to creatively solve problems.
  • Forge team bonding which develops an environment of trust and support.
  • You’ll recognize the various strength and leadership styles of all participants.

Executive Board Retreats

In order for a team to produce results and work effectively there must be trust, accountability, and commitment from its members. In an interactive series of exercises, teams will work through a powerful model and actionable steps that can be used to overcome common obstacles and begin to build a strong foundation for success. Teams will brainstorm solutions, commit to acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, determine how accountability will be handled and discuss next steps. The goal is that at the end of this workshop team’s walk away with executable, measurable objectives to ensure they are moving collectively in the right direction.

Keynote Speeches

Looking to book a keynote speaker for your next event? We’ve spoken at dozens of events to a variety of different audiences. We can customize a keynote around your event and your needs.

“I will be able to use the leadership lessons presented in this seminar for the rest of my career and for the rest of my life.” – John Johnson, Director USST


A personality assessment is a questionnaire or other standardized instrument designed to reveal aspects of a person’s character or psychological makeup.  At Key Performance, we believe that knowing yourself is the first step in establishing your goals. That’s why we are certified in several different assessment tools such as:

  • Discovering EQ (Emotional Intelligence) for individuals and teams
  • The FIVE Dysfunctions of a Team Assessment
  • Leadership Practices Inventory 360
  • TKI -Thomas-Kilman Indicator (Conflict Styles)
  • MBTI – Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment
  • Parker Team Player
  • DISC Profiles

Contact us to learn about how we can work with you to conduct and review your personality assessment.

Corporate Coaching

Key Performance can help support your top producers or help your new managers develop the skills they need to be effective in their new role. Every position in sports has a coach to review plays and provide feedback. As experts in the field of peak performance, we act as “thinking partners” for your team players, helping them bring clarity to issues and developing a plan of action for tackling them. Topics include:

  • Conduct Tough Conversations
  • Deal with Conflict
  • Learn the Psychology of Motivating Teams
  • Become a Black Belt in the Art of Influence
  • Tune into Employee’s Needs