"If you would create
something, first you must
be something.”
Johann Wolfgang
von Goethe

Reflections on Turning 50
(Wednesday, November 5th, 2014)

Reflections on Turning 50

When I was in my 20s, people would say to me that I was too young. Then all of a sudden one day someone told me I was too old. When was I just right? Did I miss it?

Today I turn 50 years old. That’s right, the Big Five-Oh. Today is my birthday and I am so thrilled to be given the gift of turning 50. I am filled with joy, gratitude and wonder. I think of my dear friend David who was the most positive man I ever knew. He only lived until the age of 38. My childhood friend Louis died just two years ago at age 48. As I sit here, I can see them smiling at me and I know both of them would have loved to see 50 years old. So instead of complaining, or making jokes about being over the hill, I am celebrating the gift of reaching this milestone birthday.

It makes me so crazy that our culture doesn’t value aging. I cringe when I hear people making age jokes about themselves and others. Until we stand up proud of our age and own where we are on our journeys, no one else will value getting older either.

Not accepting where you are is like saying you don’t say yes to yourself. When I was in my 20s, I tortured myself over how I looked. I thought my nose was too long, my thighs were too big and on and on and on. What a waste of energy. I want to enjoy exactly where I am right now. I want to own it all and tell the truth about how old I am.

These past 50 years have given me a helluva ride. I have scars, age spots, wrinkles, gray hair and cellulite. So what. I am still sexy, vibrant, and full of life. I will make your head spin on the dance floor. I will strike up a conversation with almost anyone. And, if you put a pair of rollerblades on my feet, you will watch me fly.

Here are some of my personal reflections on turning 50:

Turning 50 has made me acutely aware that my time on this earth is limited.

Since my time is limited, I don’t have the time for negativity, for doing things that don’t make my heart sing and spending time with people who deplete me. I listen to my body. If it doesn’t feel good, I move on.

I do make time for myself – to meditate, to journal, to read, to workout, to be alone in nature, to snuggle with my husband and to spend time with my parents, family and friends.

Every day I pray for God to keep my heart open so that I can be of service.

I realize that the love I have for my parents is so deep that the thought of knowing they will not be with me forever hurts deeply. What do I do? I love them NOW.

I have learned to accept and love my imperfections. I am perfectly imperfect. I am flawed, I make mistakes. I bump into walls and I embrace it all.

The work I did on my self-esteem back in my 30s has paid me huge dividends as I age, wrinkle and gray. I feel fulfilled from the inside and though my body is changing, my spirit only grows wiser and it sparkles from a deeper place of knowing and calm.

I vow that no matter how my body ages I will keep the light in my eyes. The most fabulous older women I know may have lost their looks, but they never lost that twinkle in their eyes. I believe the light in your eyes is a direct connection to your soul.

I vow to be a messenger to younger women that aging is something to be valued. I refuse to scare them with messages that imply their best years are behind them. I am am here to tell people that aging is a wonderful privilege.

To the people who tell me that I’m too nice – I may not worry about what people think of me as much as I’ve grown older, but you will never catch me being unkind. I see no reason for it. Period.

Happy Birthday to me! Thank you God for the gift of another year. I own my age and I wear it proudly. Why would I want to look like I’m 30 , when I’m past 30 and everybody knows it? My friend Jeanne once told me that she doesn’t want to look younger, she just wants to look good for her age. I like that advice.

I’m planning on making this year the best year ever. I am filled with anticipation of what this next phase of my life will bring and I welcome it all. My hope is that when you read my thoughts on aging you’ll step up and own where you are right now. I want you to look in the mirror and adore the person smiling back at you. Make it a Great Day and enjoy the ride!

Love & Light,