"If you would create something,
first you must be something.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Get Back on Track When You’re Out of Alignment



Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything and everyone rubbed you the wrong way? I’m not talking about big earth-shattering problems, I’m talking about little annoyances.  You get on the wrong line at the supermarket behind the woman who is reading each item and checking the price. You are running late but the car in front of you is moving slow in the fast lane. Your friends or family irritate you and put you on the defense. You are about to walk out the door and you spill your coffee down the front of your shirt. You don’t know what it is exactly, but it feels like the universe is conspiring against you, and it feels like one damn thing after the other.

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Make 2016 Your Year of Doing!

Another year is upon us, and like most Americans, many of you have set goals and made resolutions. How is that working for you? Have you achieved your goals from last January or are you faced with the same goals, the same dreams and the same challenges as the year before? If so, I want to help you make 2016 a year of doing not just a year of dreaming.

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The Best Present You Can Give This Year is Presence


As the holiday season approaches our list of things to do grows. Advertisements and marketing ploys encourage us at every opportunity to buy, shop and spend. This week we will be bombarded with Black Friday deals, mark downs and sales and we may spend a lot of time and energy trying to find just the right gift for Aunt Sue or Cousin Ed.

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What To Do When You Are Hurt By a Loved One

I’m not the first person to be hurt by someone close to her, but over the years I have witnessed my growth in consciousness and how I respond to these events. I have to say I am pleased with how far I have come and I felt a deep need to share my lessons with you. This is not to say these events don’t hurt, and leave your heart a little bruised, but when you grow in awareness you are no longer dragged into the drama and emotional upsets of your past. You are not victim. You are powerful and free.

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Give Me An Honest Conversation Over Small Talk Any Day

What brings a big smile to your face? What do you long for when the world is still? When was the last time you got goosebumps from nature or laughed until you cried? This is what I want to know about you. I want to dance with you in life. I want to feel your joy and your sorrow, and I want to live authentically by your side with passion, honesty and courage.

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You’re Invited!

Check out these great events you can attend to be inspired!

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Five Reasons Happy Employees Boost Your Business

Let me start by telling you I am right-brained intuitive. What that means is I often just “know” things. I don’t need proof, a study or a spreadsheet. I feel it in my gut and I follow the energy. If that sounds strange to you, you’re not alone. We live in a mostly left-brained world where everyone wants to see proof, have a guarantee and see the R.O.I. Early in my career I became interested in studying optimism, personal development and the psychology of success. Back then, many people felt an optimist was someone who wore rose color glasses and was a bit delusional.

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A Time for Reflection and Gratitude

It’s been just over a year since my first book, Happiness is a Habit – Simple Daily Rituals That Increase Energy, Improve Well-Being and Add Joy to Every Day became available. The book is filled with everything that is important to me in leading a healthy and happy life.

Over the past year, I’ve met so many wonderful people who have shared their achievements, their struggles and their dreams with me. It has been an honor to be a part of your journey. The heartfelt letters and comments I’ve received have affirmed to me that I am making a difference and am on the right path.

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What Does it Mean to Love Yourself?

“Magically, when there is no enemy within, there are far fewer without.” -Dr.Jacobsen

It’s February, the month of love and the celebration of Valentine’s Day is approaching, so I thought I would write about self-love. I am a hopeless romantic and I love when my husband tells me how great I look and whispers he loves me in my ear, but the question I am challenging you with right now is how much love do you give yourself? I grew up with the message that I should love myself. I was told that I can’t love another person until I loved myself and I was only able to love others as much as I loved myself. This sounded all well and good, but quite frankly, when I was young, I really had no idea what it all meant.

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How to Keep an Abundance Mindset

In the last two days I’ve had conversations with people who talked from a place of fear, lack and anxiety – their lack of jobs, lack of opportunities, lack of courtesies in the world. Both of these people are television news junkies, and it got me thinking about the culture of scarcity that has been created by the media. All news stations feature bad headlines, health scares and every problem that the world faces all conveniently wrapped up in 60 minutes of broadcasting. Most marketers would like us to believe that there is never enough of something. When there isn’t enough, we are influenced to buy, and that is what they want.

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Make Time for Joy This Holiday Season

I woke up yesterday with an endless to-do list running through my head. I am a to-do list kind-of-gal and I love the high I get from accomplishing my goals and checking things off my list. I started my day as I normally do with my morning meditation, followed by some reading and journaling, then off to the gym for my workout. I returned from the gym, showered and went to work on my list. While sitting at my desk that afternoon I saw the neighbors across the street putting up their Christmas lights and that made me think…Hmmmm, I have so much to do over the next few weeks, when am I going to put up my Christmas lights? I felt the panic set in and my body tensed up. I looked at my calendar and the loaded schedule suffocated me. How am I going to get it all done? was all I could think of.

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Reflections on Turning 50

When I was in my 20s, people would say to me that I was too young. Then all of a sudden one day someone told me I was too old. When was I just right? Did I miss it?

Today I turn 50 years old. That’s right, the Big Five-Oh. Today is my birthday and I am so thrilled to be given the gift of turning 50. I am filled with joy, gratitude and wonder. I think of my dear friend David who was the most positive man I ever knew. He only lived until the age of 38. My childhood friend Louis died just two years ago at age 48. As I sit here, I can see them smiling at me and I know both of them would have loved to see 50 years old. So instead of complaining, or making jokes about being over the hill, I am celebrating the gift of reaching this milestone birthday.

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Back in 1997 I cancelled my subscription to cable TV. I was a television addict. I turned it on the minute I woke up, and it played in the background all morning while I got ready for work.  When I got home in the afternoon I immediately switched it on. It played in the background while I fixed dinner, we watched it from the table during dinner, and then moved to the couch to watch more after dinner.  It didn’t get turned off until it was time for bed.

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10 Things Happy People Do

Happy people don’t have fewer problems, live in a world without traffic or void of negative people.  They don’t skate through life without being burned either.  They deal with the same obstacles and challenges that everyone does.  The difference is in their coping skills.  They adopt a positive outlook and they take control of their happiness.  Follow all or some of these ideas and you can be happier too.

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Tips for Staying Fit & Fabulous While on Vacation This Summer

The character in this scene is made up, but I’m sure many can relate.

A few weeks before her scheduled vacation Sally decides she wants to lose some weight and she goes on an extreme diet.  She wants to look good in her bathing suit, so she cuts carbs, sweets, you name it. She lives on lettuce and chicken breast for a few weeks.  The result – Sally loses weight.  She feels better in her skin and off on her island vacation she goes.  Once she arrives all bets are off when it comes to eating and drinking. She deserves it, she tells herself, she has been “good” for so long.  She happily indulges in the all you can eat buffet, huge breakfast plates and desserts. She has it all.  She consumes more than her share of frozen fruity drinks and other island temptations.   She awakes on more than one occasion with an aching head from too many cocktails the night before.  After her week vacation is over, Sally has gained back the weight she lost before she left and then some to her frame. She swears she will go back on her diet as soon as she gets home.

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How I Knew I Created the Habit of Rushing and That I Needed to Create Space in My Life

How do you know you’ve been moving too fast? For me it happened this past week when 40 people were sitting at an off-site meeting location waiting for me to facilitate a seminar and I was nowhere to be found.

Why? Because I had the wrong date on my calendar. Yes, stuff happens and yes the client and I had juggled the dates a bit, but in over 17 years of giving workshops and seminars for a living, this never happened before. I was always on top of my game. I am known for being the “Master Organizer” or the “Time Management Queen” and the woman who balances work and play effortlessly. I took pride in it, and people looked up to me for it. What happened?

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Make Me Time a Habit

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How many times have you heard yourself say any one of the following phrases to yourself?
• “I wish I had more time.”
• “There aren’t enough hours in the day.”
• “I need a vacation.”
• “I’m tired.”

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What Death Can Teach Us About Happiness

If you are anything like me, you’ve heard it all before- Be present, live every day like it was your last, tell people you love them, just be happy.  I do my best to live each day to the fullest, but in a world of distractions and technology, being present and happy is something that can get lost in the speed of it all.

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5 Ideas to Stay Happy in Winter

It’s March and if you live in the Northeast, or anywhere for that matter, that has had its share of cold and snow this winter, you’ve probably about had it.

We have experienced more than our fair share of days with temperatures below freezing and numerous snow storms on top of that. As I sit at my desk and look out at the snow in my yard which has become dirty and brown, I too long for spring. I can’t honestly remember if the groundhog saw his shadow or not, or how much of this cold and snowy weather we are still in for. I do know if I want to enjoy each day, that my experience is my responsibility, and how I react to the weather is in my control. I may not have a say over whether it will snow again, but I do control how I deal with it. Like me, you have a choice. You can moan and groan and become a couch potato and be cranky every day or you can make the most of what you have and be happy. With that said, I have put together some fun and simple ways to beat the winter blues. You may be stuck inside and see no promising signs of spring, but that doesn’t mean your mood has to suffer too.

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Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!

This coming week is the perfect time to exhale, relax and reflect on the past year. Take the time to be grateful for all your blessings, review lessons you have learned and ask yourself what your intentions for the coming year will be? Who are you and where are you going? What habits can you develop in 2014 to help you experience more love, happiness and a greater sense of well-being all year round?

Your sole purpose is to evolve, to grow and to become enlightened.

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How to Enjoy the Holidays and be Present in Your Own Life


Ahhhh the holidays -It is the time of year that your to do list grows even longer.  On top of what you already have to do, now you must shop for presents, bake cookies, trim the tree, plan a holiday party, tip the babysitter, make a ginger bread house, write out holiday cards, light your home, wrap gifts, get the guest room ready for your mother-in-law and a host of other things. While many of these traditions bring us joy, so often they just add more stress to our lives.  When we are stressed and rushing we aren’t present in our own lives; we wonder where the years went and when it was that the children grew up, it seems as if only yesterday they were babies. We were so busy “doing” that we missed out on “being.”

Here are some of my favorite tips for staying calm and enjoying the season.

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The Habit of Gratitude

The Habit of Gratitude

Being grateful is something I have been consciously practicing for at least the 17 years.  Way back when Oprah told us all that we should keep a gratitude journal, I took it to heart.  Every day for years I wrote down three to five specific things I was grateful for.  In an effort to not be monotonous and say the same thing every day I worked at being creative.  I wrote down the substantial reasons in the beginning, good health, happy marriage, loving family, nice job, etc.  Then I had to dig a little deeper. I had to force myself to see the smaller reasons to be grateful and they were everywhere.  Simple moments like when I actually tuned in and noticed the clouds billowing across the sky, the sound of a bird singing on my porch or what I’ve come to call the new green on the trees as they started to bloom in spring.

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Years ago a woman asked me what I did to stay fit. When I told her she replied by saying, “I would do anything to have a body like yours except eat right and exercise.” I still laugh today at the thought of it.

If you are looking for a magic formula, I don’t have one. I eat healthy and stay active. My philosophy is pretty simple really. I have created healthy habits. Here are some of my rules for staying fit, healthy and full of energy and vitality.

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In the past few months I have found a new pattern of being rather hard on myself. I have noticed lines on my face, a bit of sagging in my knees, an ache in my back. Ouch! Are these the signs of aging?  I haven’t missed a week of working out in over 20 years. I have been eating healthy, organic and nutritious foods for that long as well. Did I think aging was going to skip me?  Well, as a matter of fact, yes I did, kinda, sort of.

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By the water

In my coaching practice clients often ask me how to work on their self-talk and how to become more optimistic. It starts by paying attention to your inner life. Your inner life is just as important as your outer life. You are the maker of your reality.

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