"If you would create
something, first you must
be something.”
Johann Wolfgang
von Goethe

10 Things Happy People Do
(Friday, September 19th, 2014)

10 Things Happy People Do

Happy people don’t have fewer problems, live in a world without traffic or void of negative people.  They don’t skate through life without being burned either.  They deal with the same obstacles and challenges that everyone does.  The difference is in their coping skills.  They adopt a positive outlook and they take control of their happiness.  Follow all or some of these ideas and you can be happier too.

1.  Prioritize What is Important – Happy people know that saying yes to everything and trying to do it all is a recipe for failure.  As the saying goes, being busy does not equal being productive. Answering emails at all hours and being available all the time is not their style.  They set boundaries with people when it comes to their time and they and provide realistic expectations. They focus on their most important priorities and they say no to the things that take them off course. In a nutshell, they spend time with the people and priorities that make them happy.

2. MAKE Time for Themselves – Happy people don’t feel guilty about going to gym, taking an afternoon off to read, walk in the woods or meditate.  They know that their mental, spiritual and physical health is the key to their success and their feelings of joy.  Not only do they make time for themselves, they schedule it regularly.

3.  Focus On What is Going Right – They don’t ruminate, dwell and get bogged down when they are challenged and obstacles appear.  They see obstacles as temporary and short lived.  They believe this too shall pass. When one thing is going wrong, there are usually ten things that are going right and they focus on what is going right.

4. Give Happiness Away – Every day they give smiles, compliments, and greetings.  They are delighted share their happiness with others. They know the warm feeling of giving a smile to a stranger and then watching their face light up with a smile in return. Happy people make eye contact and know that the more they give outward signs of happiness, the more happiness is returned to them.

5. Create Strong Social Connections – They recognize how precious their relationships are.  The people in their life are the wind beneath their wings in good times, and they are the strength and the shoulders they turn to when they fall.  They know how good it feels to connect deeply with someone’s heart and they seek out these connections by allowing themselves to be vulnerable and to be seen.  When they open their heart and their arms to others, they build a network of people who give them energy and passion for life.

6. Have a Motto – Happy people have their own philosophy, a motto or a mantra that they live by. My motto is “My service is Happiness”.  My goal is that when you leave my space you feel better about yourself and that I have left you with a little bit of my happiness.  Living up to a motto sets the tone for your entire day.

7. Practice Responsibility & Acceptance – A happy person knows that when you blame or criticize you are giving your power away.  Instead  why not gives up excuses and blame.  A happy person takes 100% responsibility for the outcomes in their life. There are two choices- If they can take action to change things, they do.  If not, they accept what is and stop complaining.

8. They Let Their Joy Out – When they see you, their eyes light up.  When they feel joy in their heart they share it.  When they feel like singing, they do. They don’t worry about what others will think and sometimes that means dancing alone. That’s ok because dancing is their way of letting the joy out.

9. They See You – A happy person sees the humanity in others.  They look you in the eye, they are genuinely interested in you and they make you feel good because they acknowledge your existence and importance.  A happy person likes themselves and therefore they like you too. They want to connect and share this awesome experience of being human.

10. They Want You to Be Happy Too – A happy person is always glad to help, offer advice or share their resources.  Just ask them.


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