Welcome to Key Performance

We take a holistic approach to improving performance. We deal with individuals as whole human beings — we don't put people in boxes like employee, family, friend, or colleague. A person's performance at work or in life is directly linked to how he or she feels — mentally' spiritually, emotionally and physically. Helping an individual or a team perform better has more to do with just throwing out new theories and ideas, and is more about helping people look at themselves from different perspectives so they can ultimately grow and build confidence.

These are not your typical
corporate seminars. Our passion,
humor and enthusiasm combine
with high content messages that
increase workplace satisfaction
and job performance.

"Not only was the content
valuable, your exceptional abiity
to present and get everyone to
participate made your seminar
engaging. Working with you was
a pleasure."
Udo Fichtner, Vice President
Human Resources SCHOTT
North America, Inc.

We offer a variety of retreats and
workshops to help you recharge
and reconnect.

Learn more about our 90-day Challenge, Happiness is a Habit workshop and Personal Coaching.

"This was truly the best day I
have spent in my career in a
long, long time."
Gary G. Kogut, Director
Physician Relations,
Good Samaritan Hospital

The Key Performance team is
dedicated to helping organizations
maximize their most precious
resource: their people.

"Michele has exemplary leadership
qualities. She exudes the kind of
positive energy that makes people
want to listen to her."
Ellyn Cohen, M.S., C.C.C.
Speech Consultant